Worldwide Architecture. The next generation.

The next generation
Worldwide Architecture. The next generation.

'Worldwide Architecture. The next generation' stelt een 45-tal projecten van jonge architectenbureaus uit de hele wereld voor.
Voor België werd BLAF architecten geselecteerd met het project “passiefhuis met een huid van textiel”. De foto’s van het project zijn van Stijn Bollaert en de tekst van Bernardina Borra.

Worldwide Architecture is a collection of projects that presents an original panorama of architecture at the global level, through a network of relations between professionals. This volume presents the faces, names and projects of architects under 40, one per country, from forty five different countries, each selected and presented by a referee. Each project provides the referee’s critical introduction, information on the studio and architect, a detailed description with texts and, mainly, images. The projects – many of which already implemented, some only on the drawing board – make it possible to provide a worldwide comparison of ideas, results and styles of a new generation of architects. The next generation.
Bron: UTET

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