Procuring Innovative Architecture

Procuring Innovative Architecture

De publicatie 'Procuring Innovative Architecture' beschrijft aan de hand van verschillende case studies hoe innovatieve architectuur-praktijken kunnen ondersteund worden. Ook enkele Belgische cases komen aan bod.

Zo worden ondermeer het Bronks Theater van MDMA, het Theatre National van L'Escaut, de KVS van BOA, de ingang van het Sint-Katelijne metrostation van Olivier Noterman en het Fragile Lab van Import/Export Architecture als voorbeelden aangehaald.The case studies in this book describe how clients’ promotion of innovative communities of practice has led to important collections of architectural works.

The book provides an assessment of the effectiveness of their approaches. Architects and clients will understand what to look for as they construct their careers and their portfolios with innovation as a goal. It is taken for granted nowadays that supporting innovative architecture benefits society. In countries as diverse as Austria, Australia, Belgium, England, Japan, South East Asia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the USA, retailers, institutions, local and regional government and transport authorities have established substantial bodies of work by new and emerging architects. This books looks at what their goals are and how they have achieved them. Is it possible to promote sustainable communities of innovative practice through such patronage? Can innovation be ‘kick-started’ by importing visionary works?

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